Dharmakaya by Ngedِn Tendzin Zangpo , The Third Dzogchen Rinpoche (1759-1792)


Now listen, fortunate. one. Look without distraction at the
naked self-clarity of this present moment of awareness. Do not
indulge your thoughts or try to rein them in. Awareness cannot
be spoiled by moral judgments or tainted by hope and fear.

It is clear, yet ungraspable; lucid, yet without inside or out; wide
open, but without slipping into a state of diffusion. It is inherently
radiant, yet cannot be identified.

It is transparent, expansive,
and even. This naked state, just as it is, is the Dharmakaya
itself-naturally luminous and unchanging.

Simply maintain recognition of this ungraspable self-radiance.
This is Buddhahood, pure and pristine,
The Dharmakaya of unchanging self-awareness. Vivid,
vibrant, and clear, like a cloudless autumn sky.
Rest like a mountain, steady and immutable.
Rest like the ocean, still and clear.
Rest like space, infinite in breadth.

However still your mind may be,
Rest in that as the state of awareness.
However your mind may manifest,
Rest in that as the radiance of awareness.
Motion and stillness are self-awareness,
Isolate their pure lucidity and rest.
Rest in the self-clarity of phenomena,
Which never waver from the state of awareness,
Just as birds can never escape space, wherever they may fly."

Ngedön Tendzin Zangpo , The Third Dzogchen Rinpoche (1759-1792)