From the Oral Tradition of the Lama of Nyarong

Yukhok Chatralwa Chöying Rangdrol

From the Oral Tradition of the Lama of Nyarong

Homage to the lama!

The Nyarong Tertön Rinpoche (i.e., Tertön Sogyal) said:

“At this, the time for discovering Buddha directly, you must remain alone, without companions, in an isolated mountain retreat—with a staff to the right, a container of grain to the left, a copper pot in front, and a cave behind. From now until the attainment of enlightenment, you must look upwards, entrusting ourselves to the teacher and Three Jewels, and downwards, into the naked unity of awareness and emptiness. At all times and in all situations, you must guard the fortress of the view, just as you would cherish a diamond. And you must continue meditating until, your eyes turned lifeless and blue, you breathe your very last breath.”

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2013. With thanks to Alak Zenkar Rinpoche.

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