A Giant Cloud of Blessings A Supplication to Magnetize Appearance and Existence


A Giant Cloud of Blessings

A Supplication to Magnetize Appearance and Existence




om ah hung hrih  dechen barwa wang gi podrang du    detong sosor tokpé yeshe ku

OṂ ĀH HŪṂ HRĪḤ In the magnetizing palace of Blazing Great Bliss    is the bliss-empty wisdom kāya of    discriminating wisdom.


ma chak deden pemé rangshyin lé    dorje nyima nangwa chenpö pal

From the nature of the blissful lotus of non-attachment    is the glorious illuminating vajra sun.


chöku nangwa tayé dorje chö    jikten wangchuk tukjé jé chak zuk

Dharmakāya Amitābha, Vajra Dharma,    Lord of the World [Avalokiteśvara], embodiment of    compassion and love,


pema gyalpo khordé nga wang gyur    nangsi zilnön wangchen heruka

Lotus King, Sovereign of Saṃsāra and Nirvāṇa,    Glorious Subjugator of Appearance and Existence,     Mighty Heruka,


sangwa yeshe bendza warahi    dechok döpé gyalpo dechen ter

Sangwa Yeshe, Vajravārāhī,    Chakrasaṃvara, King of Passion, Treasure of Great Bliss,


malü kyegü yitrok rikjema    choktün chakgyé wangchuk detong gar

Captivator of all being, Kurukullā,    Mighty Lord of the supreme and common mudrās in the    dance of bliss-emptiness,


wang dzé dorje pawo daki tsok    nangtong nyampa chenpö ngang nyi du

Assembly of magnetizing vajra ḍākas and ḍākinīs,    within the great equality of appearance-emptiness


dorje ku yi gar gyi si sum yo    gakmé sung gi shyé dré kham sum guk

The dance of your vajra Bodies shakes the three planes.    The laughter of your unobstructed Speech    summons the three realms.


özer marpö khordé yong la khyab    sishyi dangchü yo shying düpar jé

Red light-rays pervade the whole of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa.    The pure essence of existence and peace is    stirred and gathered in.


dorje chakpa chenpö tuk kyi ni    nam nyi ngödrub dögü chok tsol shying

Vajra Great Passion’s Mind    bestows the two siddhis, the greatest wish,


dorje chak kyu shyakpa chenpo yi    nangsi dewa chenpor dom jepa

And with great vajra, hook, and shackles    binds appearance and existence in great bliss


 tayé gyutrul drawé rol garchen    til gyi gang bu chewa shyin shyukpé

The dance of the boundless magical net,    the infnite host of magnetizing three roots deities,


rabjam tsa sum wang gi lhatsok la    güpé solwa deb so jingyi lob

Present like [the seeds of] an open sesame pod,    I devotedly supplicate you! Bestow your blessings!


choktün ngödrub dögü pal tadak    tokmé wang du jepé ngödrub tsol

Bestow the siddhi of magnetizing unhindered    the supreme and common siddhis and every desired glory!


This was written on the frst day of the ninth lunar month of the Earth Hare year of the ffteenth cycle by the one named DHĪḤ [Ju Mipham Rinpoche]. If you make this supplication, no matter who you may be, without a doubt you will accomplish all magnetizing activities just as desired. They will also be accomplished if you write this on red fags and hang them up or write it in places where it is spun by the fre or wind. Maṇgalaṃ (Auspiciousness!).