Om ah hung
Please pay heed, o conquerors of all directions and all times.
By the goodness gathered in the threefold times, and what I now possess,
From the time without beginning up until this very day,
May enlightenment be reached by me and everyone without exception.

In every incarnation, while this is not attained,
May we see the basic essence, Great Perfection’s deepest path,
Dharmata directly, the increase of visions, and the culmination,
May the body made of matter then dissolve into a mass of light.

May we not be faced with anguish at the interrupted life,
May the gurus and the yidams, all the dakas and dakinis,
Appear in actuality, right before our very eyes,
Grant empowerment, predictions and then guide us to the realms divine.

Since everything conditioned does not last, our death will surely come,
The breathing stops, the mind and body go their separate ways.
May we not become bewildered, start to cling, or be attached,
But remain in dharmakaya’s natural and continuous state.

When the time has come to shed this body, this material illusion,
The perceptions and the skandhas, gross and subtle thoughts, all cease.
May we all be liberated, just when mind and body part,
Unbewildered, into all-pervasive vastness, timeless space.

Then, one into another, untrue elements dissolve,
A lucid state, unmixed and pure, with lights of the five colors,
Without creating concepts, may the vajra chains in colors five,
Be undivided, unified, perfected in dharmata’s realm.

When wrathful demons as enormous hungs and other forms,
When billion universes fill with roaring sounds of hung,
May we recognize the vital point: the hung sound is an empty knowing
And realize that every empty sound is like an echo.

When hordes of Yama’s executioners surround us,
Attack, slay, kill, escape, give chase—may all this panic naturally dissolve.
Freed from illusory displays of being struck with fear and terror,
May we know them to be forms of yidams, both the peaceful and wrathful.

When the hordes of wrathful herukas come swarming forth
From the Blazing Blissful Palace in the mansion of the skull,
May we not behold them as the forms of dreadful demons,
But instead gain insight of the heart essence’s pithy meaning.

When the multitude of peaceful ones dissolve in basic space
From the Palace of the Jewel Dome that is within the heart,
The moment the displays transpose and manifest as forms of light,
May awareness then dissolve into the brilliant expanse.

When the wheel of channels at the throat becomes unfastened
With thousand roaring thunder claps of terrifying laughter,
May we recognize the peaceful-wrathful song of ah and hung
And free it as the nonarising sound of empty knowing.

When the red and white, the means and knowledge, are converging at the heart
From Bliss Sustaining Palace in the secret center,
Untainted, may this natural state of blissful emptiness
Cause winds and mind to be absorbed within the central channel.

Then as we remain within dharmata’s bardo state,
May consciousness not stray into oblivion,
But having realized the vast and timeless purity, the natural liberation,
May we settle in the ‘other-empty’ state where phenomena dissolve.

Upon seeing the reality of dharmata directly,
May the conceptual remedy, fixated mindfulness, be freed,
And realizing timeless purity, the nature of phenomena exhausted,
May we stay within the nonconceptual state devoid of constructs.

When the dome of fivefold wisdoms opens up its doors
From the palace of five-colored, interwoven rainbows,
And the realm is filled with deities and spheres,
May we meet the fivefold kayas and five wisdoms.

When we meet with the five kayas and five wisdoms
In the incandescent palace that is the empty bindu’s lamp,
May we, freed from doubt, that vacillating dualistic feeling,
Fully merge into Samantabhadra’s timeless state.

Having met the fourfold lamps, mind’s essence, face to face,
In the incandescent palace that is the empty bindu’s lamp,
May we reach spontaneous presence with a perfect steadiness
And transpose to space and rigpa’s state of vastness.

May the luminous and empty lamp of dharmakaya shine.
May the dharmakaya emptiness of knowing be attained.
May sambhogakaya’s ceaseless dual vision be attained.
May nirmanakaya’s perfect natural knowing be attained.
Having reached the triple kayas, may we work for others’ good.

This completes the aspiration for the bardo of dying and dharmata that
liberates through hearing, written by Kunkhyen Longchen Rabjam.

Source: Longchenpa’s Bardo Aspiration that is a Pointing-out Instruction (bar do’i smon lam ngo sprod bzhugs so), from Longchen Rabjam’s Collected Writings. Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang.