A Praise On The Twelve Exemplary Deeds Of The Lord Buddha By Acarya Nagarjuna


Homage to you, King of the Shakyas, whose body is radiant
like a mountain of gold; who, through compassion and skill in means,
took birth in the Shakyan clan and
vanquished the hosts of evil that others could not conquer.
Homage to you who awakened first the resolve to attain enlightenment,
then fully perfected the accumulation of merit and
transcendental wisdom to become the protector
of living beings through your vast spiritual works in this age.
Homage to you who, as the ruler of the gods, knew that the time
had come to bring the Law to living beings; descending from
the realms of celestial, you foresaw the clan into which you would
take birth and, like a great elephant, entered the womb of Mayadevi.
Homage to you, Scion of the Shakya clan,
at whose birth in the grove of Lumbini ten full months thereafter,
Brahma and Shakra came to pay homage and Sages
proclaimed with certainty that you belong to the race of Great Beings.
Homage to you, Incomparable One, who,
as a youthful, powerful Lion among men,
showed the miracle of Anga-maga-dhara and
deflated the pride of conceited persons.
Homage to you who, through skill in means,
sustained a kingdom and assumed a retinue and
queen to accord with the customs of worldlings and
helped them to become free from errors.
Homage to you who perceived that worldly affairs are insubstantial,
renounced the householder's life and
went forth to accomplish the stages of renunciation
at each one of the immaculate Stupas.
Homage to you who dwelt in austerity
for six years beside the Nairanjana River,
diligently intent on attaining enlightenment and
perfect in vigor, attained there the highest stage of meditation.
Homage to you who, in order to bring fruit
to the efforts you made throughout beginningless time,
sat beneath the Bodhi Tree in Magadha and
awakened to Perfect Enlightenment.
Homage to you who then quickly looked upon beings
with compassion and, at Varanasi and other holy places,
turned the Wheel of the Doctrine to help them also
(traverse to liberation by relying on) the Three Vehicles.
Homage to you, Sage victorious in spiritual battle,
who vanquished the demons in the land of Khormo Jik and
put an end to the erroneous wranglings of Devadatta,
the six heretical sages and others.
Homage to you who, with virtues unequalled in the three worlds,
manifested the Great Miracle at Shravasti and
cause the Doctrine to be greatly enhanced by the reverence of gods,
humans and all other beings.
Homage to you who, to move lazy disciples to hasten their efforts,
manifested the perishing of your deathless,
adamantine Body at the pure abode of Kushinagara,
and passed beyond into Peace.
Homage to you who left behind eight aspects of your Body and
many relics to show that, in Reality, you
had not perished and to help future beings
acquire merit through their worships.
Through the merit of this brief eulogy
in praise of the deeds of the Blessed One,
our Master in the Holy Teaching, may all living beings
also become equal to the Buddha in their own works.
May I and all living beings become like you,
O King of Shakyas, endowed with a form like yours,
a span of life like yours, a retinue like yours, a Pure Land like yours,
and marks of perfection like yours alone.
(Written by Acarya Nagarjuna, a great scholar from Nalanda Monastery, who had found the important Mahayana school of thought – Madhyamaka school. He is also a famous yogin, and being one of the 84 Mahasiddhas of Indian Buddhism.)
Prayers to request for blessings
By the coming of the Teacher into the world,
by the sunshine-like glowing of the Teachings, and
by the concord of the Sangha, upholders of the Teaching and
disciples, may it be our good fortune that the Teaching long endures.
By the force of praise and supplication to you,
in such places as I and others dwell,
I pray that illness, demons, poverty, and
conflict are pacified, Dharma and well-being increased.