Shurangama Sutra Commentary- By Master Shen Yen

Bab 1: Esoteric and Exoteric Buddhism

Bab 2: Food, Sex, and the Life of Practice

Bab 3: Three Kinds of Beauty

Bab 4: Three Levels of the Mind and the Six Sense Organs

Bab 5: Supernormal Powers

Bab 6: Light and Quakes

Bab 7: Two Perspectives of the Mind – Shurangama Sutra

Bab 8: Upside Down

Bab 9: The Five Eyes

Bab 10: Mind, Matter, and Emptiness

Bab 11: A Second Moon

Bab 12: False and True Self

Bab 13: Nature, or Spontaneity, and Causes and Conditions

Bab 14: Individual and Collective Karma

Bab 15: Five Skandhas: False and Unreal

Bab 16: The First of the Six Sense Organs & the Eyes

Bab 17: The Sense Organs of Hearing and Smelling

Bab 18: The Sense Organs of Tongue and Body

Bab 19: The Sense Organ of the Mind

Bab 20: The Twelve Entries

Bab 21: The Sense Organs of the Ear and the Nose

Bab 22: The Sense Organs and Objects of Taste and Touch

Bab 23: Mind and Dharma Dust

Bab 24: The Story of Vision

Bab 25: The Eighteen Realms

Bab 26: Taste and Touch

Bab 27: Human, Hinayana, and Mahayana

Bab 28: The Four Elements

Bab 29: The Earth Element

Bab 30: The Elements of Consciousness

Bab 31: The Sun in the Buddha’s Mind

Bab 32: Untying the Six Knots

Bab 33: Generating Bodhi Mind

Bab 34: Penetration through Sound

Bab 35: Awakening Through the Sense Organ of Consciousness

Bab 36: Enlightenment through Eye Consciousness

Bab 37: Complete Penetration of Ear Consciousness

Bab 38: Avalokiteshvara’s Complete Penetration through Hearing Part 1

Bab 39: Avalokiteshvara’s Complete Penetration through Hearing Part 2